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"Good communication is about connecting with your audience on their turf based on shared language and common values"

- Edward Erikson   

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Action For A Progressive Future

Danielle Allen for Governor


Be A Hero

Bernie's Yearning

Bernie's Business Advisory Council


Betsy Sweet For US Senate

Better Pennslyvania

Bucks United

Andrea Campbell for Boston Mayor

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Claxton For State Senate (ME)

Collins For State Senate (ME)

Community Family Life Services

Citizens Against Nuclear Bombers in Vermont

Tami Gouveia for Lieutenant Governor (MA)

Fortman For State Senate (ME)

Free Speech For People


Mejia for Boston City Council


Maine Senate Democratic Campaign Committee

Maine Women's Lobby Education Fund

Mainers For Accountable Leadership


Mainers For Working Families

Melanie Levesque For State Senate (NH)

Minnesota's Nurses Association


Pay 2 Play: Democracy's High Stakes

Ride Share to Vote 

Rockefeller Brothers Foundation

Roots Action

Save Our Skies VT

Sierra Club

Stamp Stampede

Stoltz For PA House

The Democracy Rebellion

Vitelli For State Senate (ME)

When Money Talks: The High Price of Free Speech and the Selling of Democracy

Wopila Feast

Wright For State Senate (ME)

Yes on 2 (MA)

Yes on 6 (Burlington, VT)

Yes on I-735 (WA)

Yes on Prop 59 (CA)